About Me

Michael Narine

Personal Mentor and NLP Practitioner

I am a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.  NLP is an approach to personal development, including  communication skills, self-awareness and confidence building.

I use NLP strategies and techniques with clients for mentoring, personal development and personal effectiveness in general, including behavioral change, self-improvement, and interpersonal communication, areas necessary in the pursuit of excellence and peak performance.

I also use NLP in certain aspects of well-being – for example, with cases of nail-biting, stress and anger management, fear of public speaking, other unusual fears, sleep difficulties, anxious feelings, weight management, and freedom from sadness and from feeling down. These issues are often  the result of well-intentioned and misguided parts (ego states) within the individual; ironically these parts bring harm or suffering to the person with the false belief that it is for her own good.

My focus is on providing insight or re-education to these misguided parts. I have no formal medical certification and in certain cases or legal jurisdictions, I may require a doctor’s referral before I accept a client.

While I offer no guaranty of success, I will not generally accept someone to be a client beyond the initial consultation unless I think I have a high probability of success.

Individual sessions are conducted face-to-face, on the phone or over the internet (Skype, for example).  A face-to-face session is from one to two hours, with generally one per week. Phone or internet sessions are far shorter and may be more than one per week; these sessions provide techniques and feedback, necessary for success.

For the longest while I have been asking Michael, my personal mentor, to develop his online presence. I am elated that he has done so. He is a mentor and guide to so many of us here. He has helped many with his public and corporate group classes and now I am happy the whole online world has a chance to benefit from his NLP work.

My Mentor for years