Change Your Life

What do you mean when you say you want a Better Life?

Do you want a Happy Life?

Do you want Success?

Get rid of a Problem?

Change your brain to achieve that Better Life

You are your brain and your brain is you. You are a product of genes and environment and the greater part of this product (you) is stored in brain programs or apps. Most of your life, you are on automatic and these apps run you.

To change your life you have to delete or edit some of these brain programs and create new programs. This is what personal development or life change is about.  Fortunately through neuroscience, we now know that at any age you can change your brain, solve problems and change your life.


These People Have Changed Their Lives

For the longest while I have been asking Michael, my personal mentor, to develop his online presence. I am elated that he has done so. He is a mentor and guide to so many of us here. He has helped many with his public and corporate group classes and now I am happy the whole online world has a chance to benefit from his NLP work.

My Mentor for years

I had this fear for heights for years and Mr Narine freed me from it.  It is now 11 years that I am free. He changed my life.

Marcia B

Michael, I can never thank you enough. I finally was able to sit down and concentrate on my studies and my dissertation. I apologize for doubting you and being skeptical about your explanations and techniques. When you explained parts or ego states within me and theorized that one was preventing me from studying and that it was doing so for my own good, I thought that you were scamming me. Yes, I did think so. But I was desperate and stayed with you. Now, thanks to you, my mind does not wander. I no longer find excuses or distractions to avoid or postpone assignments or work projects. I can categorically say that that part within me is no longer sabotaging me. You were right. I feel more balanced now and many areas of my life have improved. My family, my friends and my boss have all commented on how I am different now.


Mr Narine, I want to express my deepest gratitude for the way you helped me discover my true self. The woman who felt inferior and not good enough is no more. You have helped me believe in myself and become more assertive. I am proud of who I am. You always say that I am a person of excellence and now I believe it and I act that way.

Jenny H

Life change is brain change and it is a Six-Step Process.

Towards a Better Life

1. Your vision is a Better Life. You define “better”.

Where are you now?

2. Baseline or assessment of your present state; identify what’s holding you back

Where do you want to be?

3. Describe key changes in your life you want to make.

How do you get there?

4. Identify who can help and what resources you require to make these changes

Are you there yet?

5. State how you will recognize success with the desired outcome

How do you achieve continual personal improvement? 

6. Personal development is about continual life improvement. It is a circular or iterative process. We keep repeating the Six-Step Process. No matter our age, we keep our brain young as we do new activities and are exposed to different situations and places. We may adjust our Vision or the meaning of “better” and set new goals and work towards them.

It is time to step into that Better Life. Begin your self-development or change plan now. Start your future now!

Begin by telling me about your Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the Six-Step Process. After I review what you have said, I will guide you on an action plan (Step 4) with NLP techniques to bring about these changes. Then, based on your personal goals defined in Step 3, you will on your own realize when you have reached Step 5, namely your desired level of personal development…of brain change towards that Better Life.

What you have going for you is, believe it or not, you already have all the internal resources to succeed.  My job is to let these resources shine and you will become the person you were born to be – a person of excellence… and achieve that Better Life

That Better Life awaits you