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About 38% of students suffer some level of Test Anxiety and it can lower your grade by as many as 12 percentile points. Fortunately there is help available to you.

For more than 15 years Michael Narine, NLP Practitioner has been delivering the Exam Success Program. A key component of this Program is Getting Rid of Test Anxiety, now offered online to individual students.

Thousands of students of all ages have taken the Program. Many had the right study techniques and knew their work very well. They however used to freak out at the exam; their memory would fail and they would forget the material; and it would all come back to them as they walked out of the exam room. Some even fell ill and vomited. They were victims of test anxiety.


Stop Being a Victim of Test Anxiety

It’s Time to Stop this Saboteur!


Both Online and in Classroom, I have had great success with students in dealing with their test anxiety. You too can benefit.



It is such a joy when my clients express happiness that:

  • they now stay calm during exams
  • their concentration is better
  • they are more confident
  • they have better memory … and
  • they are having better grades

Hey! Your Future is at stake.

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