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As an NLP Practitioner, my work focuses on overweight resulting from non-genetic causes. I am successful because I see the issue of Weight Loss as more than a calories challenge; the overweight issue may be linked to repressed emotional childhood experiences.

Are you like so many overweight people who are making every effort at healthy eating and yet your weight is not decreasing on a sustained basis? Dieting, shedding weight, regaining it, trying the latest diet fad, shedding, gaining, shedding, gaining, shedding, always regaining– that up and down yo-yo effect.

Add to this those periods of uncontrollable bingeing with guilt feelings leading to even more overeating.

Strong will and effort lead to success in so many areas of your life. But when determination, diet and exercise do not result in sustained weight loss…your weight challenge is most likely linked to childhood issues.

Trapped in your body with the overweight food myth, you are fighting the wrong fight. Your Inner Child is hungry…not for food but for love, acceptance, safety, protection, sense of belonging, or other similar need or emotion.

Food is a substitute for the unfulfilled need. Unless that need is satisfied, weight loss will not be sustained.

I have had great success with clients in dealing with their weight loss goals. You too can benefit.


It is such a joy when a client shows excitement with the first pounds off, without the traditional effort and sacrifice.

They realize that losing weight can be an enjoyable activity.

There is even greater contentment when, with the passage of time, their weight loss has been sustained and they feel better about themselves.

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