Weight Issue


Diets do not work. Weight lost is usually regained. Dieting, shedding weight, regaining it, trying the latest diet fad, shedding, gaining, shedding, always regaining– that up and down yo-yo effect. They are fighting the wrong battle. Their problem has very little to do with food and calories.

There is a part or ego state within you that sees its duty as ensuring you eat a lot or be of a particular size for your own benefit or protection. When you talk about weight loss or diet, you are fighting that part and you will lose. There is also the part within you that wants you to eat less and have an ideal weight…and therein lies the problem.

For most people a weight issue is a symptom of trauma (often significant to the inner child but unknown to the adult) and an indication of inner conflict between these parts. This conflict must be resolved in order to address the weight problem, and this can be achieved with particular strategies and techniques.

Let me be your guide while you deal with this conflict to resolve it in order to arrive at less weight and maintain that weight.